How I became “The Sprout Guy”

Truth be told, I never intended to be “The Spout Guy”.  I started our small farm with the intentions of growing lots of fully grown veggies for the markets and restaurants.   Maybe we would have a CSA.  That is still the goal, but we decided to start with a fully scalable micro green operation while we grew our farm and completed our greenhouse.

Microgreens are great because they can be grown indoors, year round, and have a weekly harvest for many varieties.  This is great for cash flow and provides us the capability to grow year round at 7500′.  We are also able to grow vertically which is really maximizing our space.  But the biggest positive attribute of all is that I can work early and late hours while the rest of the family sleeps.  As a stay at home dad, this is a huge deal!  I typically get up around 5am and work until 8 when I take over kiddo duties.  Aspen and Sage ride along for deliveries and they love it!  All this adds us to a winning combo for our family.

We converted our single car garage into a micro green nursery and processing center.  We started with 1 light.  Then added 4 more.   Then added 4 more.  Then we built our current setup that has a 75 tray capacity capable of growing 50-70 pounds of greens per week, year round.  We deliver to some local restaurants, health food stores, and run a farmers market stand.

While the micro greens are going on, the extra day time is used to expand our outdoor garden plots and tend to our greenhouse containing basil, peppers and tomatoes.  Plenty of learning going on outside, so I am thankful that I was able to focus on dialing in the micros before we add on too much outdoor space!

Microgreens are allowing our farm to grow organically into the homestead that we envision.  The best part of all is that the flavors are off the chart and the nutrition is a life changer.   Our family eats them at every meal so we can vouch for their benefits!  Its crazy to see how these little greens can impact so much!

Now when people come up and say “Hey, You’re the sprout guy” I smile and think about all the positivity these micro greens are bringing our family, and our community!

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