5 Recipes Where Microgreens Shine!

Microgreens are nature’s nutrient powerhouses! These tiny, tender greens are harvested when they are just a few weeks old, making them packed with flavor, nutrition, and a burst of freshness that enlivens any dish. Here are five recipes that highlight the versatility and deliciousness of microgreens:

  1. Microgreen Salad: Combine a mix of microgreens such as arugula, radish, and pea shoots with a simple vinaigrette made of olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and honey. Top it off with some roasted potatoes and toasted nuts for a satisfying and healthy salad that will leave you wanting more.
  2. Avocado Toast with Microgreens: Spread mashed avocado on a slice of toasted bread and crown it with microgreens, sliced radish, and a drizzle of olive oil. This simple yet flavorful breakfast or lunch option is easy to make and packed with nutrients that will energize your day.
  3. Microgreen Pesto: Whip up a batch of delicious and versatile pesto by blending a mix of microgreens, such as basil, broccoli, and cilantro, with garlic, olive oil, nuts, and Parmesan cheese. Use it as a spread on sandwiches, a sauce for pasta, or a dip for veggies.
  4. Microgreen Omelet: Beat eggs with a splash of your milk of choice and season with salt and pepper. Cook on a hot skillet until set, then add a handful of microgreens and some cheese of your choice. Fold the omelet in half and serve with toast or a side salad for a tasty and wholesome breakfast or brunch.
  5. Microgreen Smoothie: Make a quick and nutritious smoothie by blending a handful of microgreens, such as pea shoots, sunflower shoots, kale, or broccoli, with a banana, frozen berries, and a splash of almond milk. A supercharged smoothie like this will start the day off right!

At Poncha Creek Gardens, we believe that microgreens are the perfect ingredient to elevate your culinary creations to the next level. Try these recipes and let the fresh, vibrant flavors of microgreens shine!

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